More domains listed in "Select Website"


Currently, the “Select Website” dropdown just shows ten domains. It’s sure be nice if I could up that limit. I know it’s scrollable on a short screen. I’d rather scroll it than have to click just to get to the last few domains of mine.


Out of curiosity, what increments would you want or need? 10/25/50?


For me, 25. But in general, 10/25/50/100 would be neat. 100 is definitely the upper end of what’s reasonable.

The reason I suggested this is because sometimes I like to bounce around within one tab. So if I’m checking Crypto settings, I like to hop to a few other domains in my list to see how they’re configured.

The Search box is pretty slick, but sometimes I need a list in front of my eyes to jog my memory.


Ideally we’d just move to infinite scroll rather than pagination. :smiley:


They may want to crawl before they run for infinite distances :wink:


well, i ll revive this thread and ask if you could implement this.
Having 170 Domains that are in migration state it’s not super nice to scroll through pages…

Thanks alot!