More Cloudflare IP addresses

I’m starting my personal website with Cloudflare free plan. I found that my domain is only resolved to 2 IP addresses but I need more. How can I get more IP addresses in Cloudflare? Does upgrading to a pro or business plan help?

Yes, each Cloudflare zone is assigned two IPs but you really only need one.

Could you elaborate on why?


Why exactly do you need more? You can do a quick lookup on other businesses (like Discord) that use Cloudflare and they do have more IPs assigned, but it’s only like 5 or something (this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s because of a plan, they just probably actually need it)

Cloudflare also uses Anycast (like most giant web services), so IP addresses aren’t the only ‘factor’ that determines where your requests end up anyway.

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I’m from China and find that GFW blocks one of the IP addresses on 443 port. I use my domain for business and do not expect to change IPs in Cloudflare by switching the domain. So I’m wondering if I can be provided more IPs, or switch to another set of resolved IPs.

Hi, I’ve replied to albert and gave the reasons. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

To be completely honest, if the GFW bans one Cloudflare IP, there’s nothing stopping them from banning another. You might have to find a solution that is within China’s network. Cloudflare has a service for this, although it’s only for Enterprise customers. Local hosting providers may be able to provide that service for smaller customers like yourself

Enterprise customers can purchase access to Cloudflare’s China Network as an add-on which would likely solve the issue. Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise zones are assigned IPs from different pools, so upgrading may give you an IP that isn’t blocked - but there really is no guarantee.


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