More billing questions

Shocking, Cloudflare we are in 2024! and we have no means of contact to you. We have opened countless tickets, example; 3290675, 0007169 yet your billing department never respond.

These tickets have been generated for weeks yet you be lucky to get a response.

We also have issues with Error 1000 Internal errors when trying to process a payment for domains or renewals, yet this still tends to happen years on. Fix the issues, stop immobilizing us. You ring their lines its all automated, with only option of 1 for incidents yet that is a voicemail service…

Someone call us immediately on

shocking billing #shockingservice #error1000

President - Cyberspace IT

Duplicate tickets slow reply time, I see that ticket has been merged in to 3270692 and has been sent to the billing team.

I would appreciate you not to moderate my contact’s name and number it’s a switchboard and I give full consent to share my own details. Freedom of speech applies.

Delay that is completely acceptable, but Cloudflare need to take responsibility for their actions, if they cannot handle the heat then put the water on it… Recruit more staff or resources to handle the burn.