Moodle Login not working with Cloudflare

I recently heard about this topic of CDN and Cloudflare, so I gave it a try, I have a domain in a company called Webempresa, which added a plugin to Cpanel that did not work well, so what i did was: changing the nameservers of my provider to Cloudflare and adding the CNAME (ipv4) & A (www) records, everything seemed to be in order and the site loaded faster.

However, when trying to log in, I got “wrong password” alert, after searching for hours, I did not find answers, I reversed all the changes and my site pointed to my original hosting again, it turns out, that the login worked again. So my question is the following: Is this a problem with Moodle? Did I skip an important step (databases, dns, records, ssl)? Is it different from configuring it in Wordpress?

What’s the domain?

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