Moodle displaying incorrectly

Hello everyone, I am trying to run Moodle but some information is not displayed correctly. The Moodle site is setup in a bluehost shared server.

When I select the developer mode or pause the site in CloudFlare, everything works correctly. I tried disabling all speed and cache options but it doesn’t work.

I am not getting any notifications of mixed HTTP / HTTPS mixed content as suggested in another entry.

Any suggestions of what might I check in order to solve the problem?


Does this help you.
Start here…

Hi, thank you for your comment. I followed the guide, created the key and certificates and installed them in Bluehost, setup the settings for SSL, Speed and Page Rules, and unfortunately the result was exactly the same as before. Not everything is displayed correctly.

Any other insights?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Which one do you mean?

What SSL option do you have enabled? As stated:

You should go with “Full SSL” option.

What is your domain? Are there any errors or issues showing up?

I have configured the full SSL mode and unfortunately it did not work.

Hello, I have already detected what the error is, when I activate the development mode that allows caching the page is displayed correctly, but if I disable it and someone enters the page begins to present errors for example things stop displaying as they should, do you know how we can fix it? in advance thank you very much

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