Monitor website uptime behind Cloudflare Access

I have an internal website and it is protected by Cloudflare Access. What is a strategy to monitor the website’s uptime? Here are my thoughts so far.

  • Create a single publicly available URL (not protected by Cloudflare Access). This represents the website status. Hook a monitoring tool to that URL. This is not a desirable approach because it pokes a hole in the security layer.
  • Use Cloudflare to monitor the website, then feed the result back to my monitoring solution. I’m not sure if Cloudflare has this capability.
  • Internally monitor the website availability locally in the cloud environment. This does not reflect what users see on their end when visiting via a URL and defeats the purpose of using a monitoring website uptime.

Any other suggestion is appreciated!


This feature is available in [here](

  • Do you know if Cloudflare Healthcheck bypasses Cloudflare Access by default?
  • Also, it seems this feature monitors by sending a request to an origin (via IP). However, I suppose this can potentially create a false report because there are errors that only show up when accessing the website via URL (e.g., CORS, SSL, etc.,.). Is this correct?

I would suggest looking into service tokens. You can use them to automated services authenticate with your access policies, which will allow you to check the end service

Thank you, this seems to be the answer I am looking for.

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