Monitor Cloudflare with Grafana Plugin issue

Hi Guys

I am trying to integrate Grafana with Cloudflare. I followed this guide in this link

After I installed the plugin
There are 2 dashboards, zones and DNS firewall, I can see the metric in the DNS firewall, but for zones, there are 8 zones on the select list, and i can only see one zone data from the dashboards, but all the other zones, i cannot see any, and here are some errors on the dashboard

when I select some zone from the draw down list, i got this error
Expected response data to be array, got undefined.

and when i select some zones, and I got this error.
message:“Query error: 403 Forbidden”

I got my Global API Key from here

and my role is
Permissions: Administrator, Analytics, Firewall, Load Balancer

I am just wondering is there anything wrong with my permission and role?
Is there any good way to monitor cloudflare in grafana

Thanks so much
Any help is appreciated