is not a registered domain

i cant add my domain to cloudflare
i contact to my registrar support and they say to me every thing is ok in our side
try to connect to cloudflare support
my domain is :

what should i do now ?

The site is currently not loading. Make sure it loads fine on HTTPS first. Once that works you’ll be able to add it to Cloudflare as well.


site should be reached to add to cloudflare !?

Yes, absolutely. As I wrote

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how ?
i want to use cloudflare as dns server and i dont want to set this domain to any server yet !

i add 200 domain in cloudflare and its first time to hear that and have this error

That won’t work. As I already said twice, your site needs to be loading fine on HTTPS and then you’ll be able to add it to Cloudflare.

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i think cloudflare have some issue with .site domains !

It does not. The issue is exactly what I mentioned. You just need to follow the given advice.

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how domain can be reach by https when it dose not have any server and dns server !

Where are you going to host that site?

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its new domain and i want to add it to cloud flare and then i can set dome dns record for this domain

You did not address my question. Where are you going to host the site?

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google cloud

Google provides you with nameservers as far as I know and these should be set.

If they don’t, then you can check out

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yes i know but with that way some robots can save my server ip address in archives !
i want use cloudflare in first so they cant reach my server ip

I am afraid that is not possible. As I said several times, your domain needs to be properly configured before you can add it.

Right now you don’t even have valid nameservers and that’s a prerequisite. There really is not more to say to that, make sure your domain resolves properly and loads fine on HTTPS. Once that works, you can add it.

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i add alot domain with other domain postfixs like .com , .xyz and … in this way
i have this error just for .site

Again, that won’t work because of aforementioned reasons.

You really need to follow the advice you were given if you want to fix that.

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its my script