Moments of High ICMP ping loss and

I monitor via ICMP (I know there are better ways of accomplishing this) but for several weeks now, I have been receiving alerts for High ICMP ping loss to and

I setup a different monitor on a different network and am getting the same alerts so it seems like a cloudflare issue generally speaking. Yet their status site has not mentioned this. (

If anyone has any insight, I am curious. Thanks! isn’t a ping server so an inability to ping it isn’t something Cloudflare would consider a service disruption.

As you said ping is a poor monitoring mechanism. I’m surprised Cloudflare doesn’t just drop all ICMP, but if they or a network provider in the chain decides to it doesn’t impact the underlying service.

Thanks for the reply, I do get it’s not a ping server and this is not the best way to monitor them. Just wondering if anyone knows why it is happening all of a sudden and if it will get fixed so I stop getting these alerts :slight_smile: