Modules GA timeframe?

Tl;dr: when can I use modules?

Hello, I was doing some updating to a worker and saw:

Cloudflare Workers now supports uploading scripts as a collection of modules, instead of a single file

it was said to be the future default, so I figured I’d give it a try.

In the future, Modules will become the default format for writing Workers scripts. Until then, we are still working on “full” support, so consider this as a beta feature.

There is a note about having to opt-in to a beta, but it doesn’t mention anything about paid accounts or anything. It says it’s an ‘open beta’ and I’m willing to opt-in to a beta

Note: You currently need to opt-in to the Durable Objects open beta to be able to use the modules format. This restriction will be removed as modules are better supported in the Workers Dashboard.

So I refactor some code, pass around env and ctx and fire up wrangler dev to see if it worked, but it doesn’t. It gives a 403, and trying to publish it throws a workers.api.error.not_entitled.

I figure that’s fine, I just have to figure out how to opt-in. What I didn’t realize before doing my refactoring was that opt-in really means ‘pay us money’, as I can find no other way to opt-in to this beta.

My worker receives less than 2,000 requests per month. It’s a simple personal vaccine location mapping tool. I don’t think I’m near the point where switching to a paid plan makes sense.

Which leads me to ask, when will the modules configuration be GA? If this is still a while off then I’d suggest a warning be added to the documentation that modules are only allowed on paid accounts and the term ‘open beta’ be removed.