Modifying cloudns dns records does not take effect

I initially saw this issue here and the explanation given was that there was a problem with the soa settings:
But now that I have set up the soa parsing correctly it still doesn’t work!
try ping

I’m not sure what exactly you mean with this?

As for the stuff that was mentioned in the other thread:

This statement is still correct, and the exact same that goes on for

The name servers are having a SOA record, which means that they are authoritative for, as well as the sub-domains below that label.

Since the name servers do not know about, they will return code 3 (NXDOMAIN), for, if that isn’t configured on the name servers.

Having BOTH the SOA record AND the NS records on’s side, is the thing that is causing the problem here.

Get the operators to remove that SOA record, if you want to delegate (properly) to Cloudflare.

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