Modify/Create Page over API?




is it possible to create a new page just over the API. For example, the origin server has following URLs


would it be possible to add a new page just over API like


The auto_generated page is not on the origin server.

I looked at the API and it looks like this is not possible, but I want to double check. because it would be a cool feature.


PS: Would that be possible with an integrated Cloudflare App?

Layer 7 Routing

Generally speaking Cloudflare doesn’t really host content so there’s not a way to push content to us that doesn’t already live somewhere else. The only exception I can think of to that is custom error pages, but even then we pull content from some origin and then apply it to other paths.

Re: Cloudflare apps… today the content from a Cloudflare app is injected into the response returned for the origin so I don’t believe that is possible. Long term? There’s a possibility we may have more functionality on our edge which might support that type of behavior.


Thanks for the quick reply.

+1 vote for the feature :slight_smile: