Modem => Ooma Telo => Router


I have learned that placement of my Ooma Telo between my modem and router enhances network stability for me. With that setup, will making the changes for in the router bring the desired benefits since the Telo is first receiving the signal from and last sending the signal to the modem? If so, I can proceed with that. If the changes for in the router don’t bring the desired benefits, does anyone know what settings I would use in the Telo to benefit from [By the way, I know I can place the Telo after the router, make the changes in the router to get the benefit. In addition, I know I can set up in each device, but I would really prefer setting it up in the router or Telo.] Any help is certainly appreciated.


Ooma is a phone (VoIP) service, am I right? could help to speed up DNS requests on the SIP domain. But I guess there’s only one. (

If their box is acting as an internet router as well (I guess it does) don’t put another router behind it. Every NAT device will (slightly) slow down your connection. Depending on the ISP and/or connection type your modem makes NAT as well. (cable, DS-Lite and whatever)

Put this Telo thing behind your router and ensure it receives and via DHCP. Or use the Telo as your network router.