Mod_cloudflare with cPanel and EasyApache 4

This is the link I am using to get the original IP addresses of visitors to our website.

Under the Option 2 everything works up to the last comment:

Next, you can use EasyApache, choose to customize your profile, then, on the ‘Short Options List’ screen, checkbox the ‘Mod Cloudflare’ feature, and click ‘Save and Build’.

In WHM I go to EasyApache but there is nothing there with the name “Short Options List” and if I search for mod_Cloudflare, nothing is returned.

Any ideas?

It looks alphabetical. mod_Cloudflare isn’t earlier in the list? Nothing under Apache Modules?

Yes, it is alphabetical. But nothing there either.

My first guess is you don’t have mod_Cloudflare installed/enabled. What happened when you ran the install script? Was there some indication of success?

This is what it says and then I run the restart from WHM.

[root@vps ~]# wget
–2018-07-03 04:43:17--
Resolving (…,,, …
Connecting to (||:443… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 3413 (3.3K) [text/plain]
Saving to: ‘’

100%[===================================================================================================================================================>] 3,413 --.-K/s in 0s

2018-07-03 04:43:17 (28.8 MB/s) - ‘’ saved [3413/3413]

[root@vps ~]# bash

Installing mod_Cloudflare for EasyApache 4 on ‘CentOS 7’

Done. Please restart EasyApache 4

Did you Restart EasyApache 4?

(not just go back to that screen. You’ll to stop/start or restart that server process on your host machine)

twice. Under Restart Services\HTTP Server (Apache)

Here’s a post with a similar problem and then a solution that seemed to work:

I am not sure what the solution was after reading that thread. If it is deleting files using SSH Root and then rebuilding stuff, that is beyond my capability.

Sorry, I just read all the instructions, only to see it no longer works.

A last ditch effort would be to reboot the machine and see if that picks up the new module. Otherwise, maybe someone will see this thread and figure out what’s wrong.

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No luck with the graceful reboot. Thanks for trying.

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For some strange reason, that graceful reboot changed the POP server name and shut down incoming email. No idea why that would have happened.

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