Mod_cloudflare DenyAllButCloudFlare problem?

Hello. I used proxied DNS via Cloudflare and mod_cloudflare/apache24 on the endpoint with DenyAllButCloudFlare directive. Today I realised that all requests are got forbidden. After I turn off the DenyAllButCloudFlare directive everything is restored. I doublecheck DNS config and it is still set to proxied and in apache access log I also find Cloudflare IP-s, so it looks like everything is okey.
Is there anything changed what affected negatively to mod_cloudflare? How can I restore the original service? Thanks!

Finally I find the solution. everything is fixed after I remove this line from the apache config:

CloudFlareRemoteIPHeader X-Forwarded-For

But it is very confusion. This config directive helps to restore the original IP in the access log. Also strange: right now, without this directive, I also got the original IP in access log…

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