Mobirise - How to add WWW

Hi Everyone!

I am looking to understand how to add WWW on my domain considering that MOBIRISE is not supporting this feature.
May I ask you help about the setup of DNS?

Thank you so much!

If a SSG (Static Site Generator) does not support that, I would recommend going with URLs relative to the domain, so they don’t rely on the domain and technically would work on any rootdirectory of every domain.

To make it work on the www subdomain, do as following:

  1. create www subdomain with a CNAME to the APEX/root domain
  2. create a PageRule that will redirect all the traffic from:
    domain.tld/* ➔ (302) ➔ https://www.domain.tld/$1
  3. when proven to work properly change to 301 code
  4. Be happy :slight_smile:

Btw: it is easier for us to help you, if you provide us with your URL/Domain.

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