Mobiles seem blocked

I have two mobiles, both with issues connecting to this affects any website using cloudflare. The error they receive is err_timed_out.

Both mobiles are on the three network, If I connect wifi, they connect instantly, If i use a VPN(while on 4g) they connect instantly. I have friends on Three and they have the same phone (one plus 7 pro) and can access so it seems Cloudflare could have somehow blocked both my mobiles?

Has anyone seen anything like this? i did search the forum but to no avail

What country is this? I don’t think Cloudflare has blocked any IP addresses, so the issue is most likely with your carrier or some sort of setting/configuration blocking it on your phones

Is it just only that you get err_timed_out?

Can you access

Its the UK and I am not able to get on I get Err_timed_out. The problem is any websites hosted with cloudflare gives me that error, which honestly disables half the internet :smiley: , i spent 3 hours with my carrier and got no where, I think it is an issue with Three but they are not saying anything is wrong, But to cover my bases thought i would check here and see if anyone else had the problem.

If you know how to, change your device’s DNS servers to

Or download the app and see if it works

The problem is still there after installing and running/connecting to Cloudflare

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