Mobiles Can't Connect To My Site

Hello, I’ve recently connected my site to Cloudflare and have no problems connecting via PC or iPad but when I try to connect by mobile I get the following block,

I have searched google about ACME problems but didn’t understand the results.

Thanks for any help you can give to resolve this problem,

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

If your site is, it is loading just fine on my mobile device.

Have you tried in another browser or incognito? Are you following a link, or typing the adress into the brwser directly?

Well I switched off the “redirect to mobile friendly site” under speed/optimisation and now mobile is loading instantly. :grinning:

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That feature is dependent on you running a separate mobile site at a dedicated URL, if I am not mistaken. In a world of responsive sites, it’s a feature aimed at providing an option for those still using legacy practices.

Thanks for the input, I will avoid it in future.

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