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Hi there,

I added my site at cloudflare. Desktop version is working fine, but in mobile version, images on home page got cropped/shorten. This is only happening to the images of home page, although all other pages are working fine. My website is working on wordpress theme.

Somebody please help me to figure out this. Thanks in advance.


What’s the URL?


Thanks for your reply.



It looks great on a regular browser, and the linked pages all look good in mobile.

And, yes, the homepage completely falls apart in mobile. I only get a sliver of the image at the top of the page.

I see it’s all javascript. And it works fine without Cloudflare? Probably, so it must be something about how Cloudflare processes your files.

Try this: Add a Page Rule that matches* (this will match your entire site).
Then add settings for: Cache Level (Bypass), Disable Apps, Disable Performance, Disable Security, Rocket Loader (off…this might already happen with Disable Performance).
If your page starts working, use process of elimination to find out which setting is interfering and let us know.

If that doesn’t help, maybe someone else has an idea.


Yes, it was working fine without Cloudflare.

I did all the settings but problem is still there. Hope somebody has the idea for this issue.

Thank You.


Issue resolved by changing some settings in wordpress theme. :smile:


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