Mobile versus desktop

On my mobile device viewing my website kioskindustry.Org I don’t see latest content. Cleared cache on mobile browsers with no effect.

On desktop site is fine.

Seems the only way to get current content on mobile is to purge entire cache on cloudflare.

Using pixel 4a via WiFi. Google Fi is phone provider.


Assuming your server IP address ends in 109 you’d have a security issue as your server certificate expired more than two years ago.

I went ahead and ordered a CA Origin cert and downloaded the pem and key and installed. Changed SSL on CF to Strict. That is done (been 12 hours). Checking the site with mobile I still see older content and not latest content (unlike desktop). I am betting that if I purge the cache on Cloudflare that the current content will then appear.

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Can you post a URL where you get that content along with a screenshot?

Posting again –

When I look at my mobiles the “latest” I see is the Dunkin Donuts post
Posted 2021/09/17 at 12:12 pm

That’s the same content your server returns however.

Not on my mobile phones. I have a Pixel4a and Moto both on Google Fi and both on WiFi. They only show up to Dunkin. I use Brave, Chrome and Firefox to test with on my mobile (same as desktop).

Like I said, I think if I purge CF, then those same mobiles will suddenly show current.

Then you might have something in your browser cache.

The point is, what you posted earlier is the exact content your server is currently returning.

$ curl -sk --resolve[IP] | grep -A 1 Latest
<p><strong>Latest Posts</strong></p>
<ul class="lcp_catlist" id="lcp_instance_0"><li><a href="">Kiosk ADA &#8212; Quest Diagnostic Check-In Kiosks Under DOJ Scrutiny</a></li><li><a href="">Cash Payment Kiosks On the Rise &#8211; CityBase, DivDat, US Payments, Adcomp</a></li><li><a href="">Inclusive Kiosks &#8211; McDonalds Kiosks Incorporating Vispero</a></li><li><a href="">Dunkin Donuts kiosk &#8211; Dunkin’ opens first digital-only store in Boston</a></li><li><a href="">Press Release &#8211; Kiosk Association September 2021</a></li><li><a href="">Learn About Sponsor &#8211; Intel Corporation</a></li><li><a href="">Wayfinding Kiosk News &#8211; Shoptalk to Deploy Acquire Digital’s Wayfinding Technology</a></li></ul>

In that case Cloudflare only does what your server is telling it.

Been down the cache path on my mobile browsers, on both phones. Been down the curl path. I am wondering if Fi might have something to do with it but I use these on Wifi. Did you look at the site via a mobile? Its always possible I missed something, I was hoping you might see what.

This is an HTTPS connection, so we should be able to rule out that your ISP is doing anything.

I seem to be able to reproduce this. You appear to be using APO, right? Have you tried disabling it temporarily already?

I cannot consistently reproduce it, but I do get occasional hits from Cloudflare’s cache. IMHO this will be APO related and I’d try disabling that first for a test.

I have APO enabled at Clouflare (no optimization by Device selected) and do NOT have Cloudflare plugin on the Wordpress site. I had problems with recent Cloudflare plugin. I had to switch back to earlier release and then later just deleted it altogether,

Wow. disabling APO fixed it it…Hadn’t thought of that.

for reference my ISP is Xfinity/Comcast

I believe this is required in the context of APO, as otherwise the cache wouldn’t be maintained properly.

Glad you fixed it.

The 4.5.1 current plugin has a problem with my earlier PHP. I had to switch back to older plugin to get around it (and edit posts). Like I said I eventually just said to heck with it and removed it. When I update the PHP/Maria I might try it out again.

Sometimes keeping it simple as possible is the best path.

Thanks for your time and insight

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