Mobile version of website not showing since switching to Cloudflare CDN - please help!

We have a Wordpress blog. Before switching to Cloudflare, for 10+ years desktop visitors would correctly see a standard theme version of the blog and mobile visitors would see a mobile version as a result of us using the WPtouch Wordpress plugin.

However, since since us switching to using Cloudflare, mobile visitors are now often - not always - presented with the desktop version of the site. This means the text is tiny and impossible to see on mobile.

Sometimes the mobile version does correctly show, so it is a bit haphazard.

It seems like mobile visitors are often presented with a desktop version cache of the site from Cloudflare’s server.

We’ve tried to change all kinds of settings in Cloudflare and our blog for months now, to no avail.

May I ask if you see the mobile version of our site when visiting it on mobile? The URL is

Is there anything specifically we can do to resolve this issue with the mobile version often not showing on mobile devices?

I am aware that Cloudflare have their paid service for responsive display, but we don’t wish to pay as our blog doesn’t make us any money.

Thank you.

It’s 2021, why not to go with responsive web design?

Moreover, Cloudflare has an option to redirect mobile users to your mobile sub-domain, see here if this can help you:

I do not think so.
You should first make responsive Website at your origin/host, then you are 100% mobile supported :wink:

Do you run some Cache plugin for your WordPress Website like W3 Total Cache (which has support and compatible extension for WPTouch as far as I have used it).

Moreover, any Cache settings applied at Cloudflare dashboard and/or via Page Rules (maybe your CF is caching the desktop version and Cloudflare Edge?)

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I totally agree that a responsive version of the website would be the most preferable option. Our current theme doesn’t have a responsive version. It is obviously a huge amount of work to transfer a longstanding website with hundreds of pages to a different, responsive theme and that is something we are working towards over a medium term.

In the meanwhile, to answer your question fritexvz about whether we are using other cache plugins, the only relevant Wordpress plugins we are using are Cloudflare and WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache. We have Litespeed, but have turned off the cache on that so that it doesn’t conflict.

I believe you’re right about CF caching the desktop version.

As regards your point about Page Rules, please see our current page rules here (we have turned off Rocket Loader etc. upon CF’s advice related to this problem):

Any advice to finally resolve this problem would be most welcome.


At first sight, you do not need to change that a lot (from my perspective). Try to implement HTML5, add @media queries including (max-width) for pixels like (320, 360, 480, 586, 640, 768, 800, 960) to your CSS with the current theme and add viewport meta tag.

Also, this is WordPress, so your theme can be easily modified.

But, okay. Just an option :slight_smile: Hopefully you will add RWD as soon as possible due to Google SEO and other benefits for mobile users (more than 80% World Wide).

The Page Rule you have got does not do the caching at the Edge of an desktop version of your Website, for a month.
What it does is:

  • if a user at home network browse your Website using desktop PC, and later the same day goes with mobile - he/she would get desktop version because of it) -

Regarding the stated, I believe it does not cache, because Cloudflare has different “Dynamic” vs “Static” cache.

If you specify “Cache Everything”, then the Cloudflare would cache an .html file of your webpages.

Currently, by the Page rule you have it does not (as far as I understand).

  • I do not know if you have “Cache Standard” or “Cache Everything” under the “Cache Tab” at Cloudflare Dashboard

By default, Cloudflare does not cache the .html files.
More information about “dynamic” and “static” cache can be found at the article below:

Yes, as far as I have tested, Cloudflare does not cache your desktop/mobile.

When using Chrome on desktop - I see desktop.

When using Chrome on desktop - with Developer Tools “enabled” and Responsive/Mobile view “enabled”, then I see the WPTouch theme.

Desktop Chrome:

Desktop Chrome - with Developer Tools and Responsive Mobile View:

Maybe it Could be due to User Agent (and/or IP in a combination)?

Also, do you use Free or Pro version?

There are also some issues:

As this is not an official Cloudflare plugin, and do not know if it is also compatible with WPTouch, maybe there is some issue?


As far as I tested, no issues regarding Cloudflare itself :confused:

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