Mobile Usability Error at Google Search Console

“Mobile Usability Error” showing at Google Search Console while using Claudflare. Development mode is clearing the same url as Mobile usable. Please help

Doesn’t really sound right… does Cloudflare perhaps have an out-of-date CSS cached? Or have you told Cloudflare to cache HTML? I assume you’ve already cleared the cache, right? If not try that first. Toggling developer mode on & off does NOT clear the cache, the old cache will return as soon as developer mode is off unless you clear it.

If you’re 100% certain that no older assets are being cached, curl the page with Cloudflare on & off, redirect each to a file, and diff the files to see if Cloudflare is actually changing anything relevant.

How consistent are the results? Google’s mobile friendliness tool has a level of randomness, in that it simulates various mobile devices with various widths, so you can get different results if you run it on the same page multiple times. For example, maybe your page is good at 400 width but the layout breaks at 300 width. Use Chrome’s developer tools to make sure your site looks/functions properly at all widths down to at least 300, maybe more.

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