Mobile site icon

Hi all
New here, just if someone could point me I the right direction
I have set me tap icon and it show correct in desktop. however, not correct icon in mobile search.
Could someone help on how to fix this thanks

Was correct before moving to cloudflare, have I missed a step?

Did you recently changed it, but it was cached (the first image) at the Cloudflare end?

Or, you have a cached version in your Web browser on mobile phone device or a desktop PC, or vice-versa?

If so, have you tried Purging the image location (path to it), or generally Purging the cache at Cloudflare dashboard?

Also, a good thing to test out would be to clear your Web browser cache on both devices just in case.

Hi Fritex,
Thanks for reply. no i haven’t changed the image recently, i tried clearing the cache on Cloudflare, mobile and desktop.
The desktop is still showing the correct icon, and the mobile search shows incorrect icon. it was an icon i used 3 months back.
i also use Nitropack plugin

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