Mobile redirect setup

I’ve set up a mobile redirect to my subdomain and changed the A record on my host DNS to a CNAME as per instructions and changed the setting to drop path.

However, Cloudfare requires something to be added to my root folder that I am uncertain of. Do I just create a php file with this information and if so - what do I name it? Also, how do I add an expiration date of 6 months and what is the format with the example given below?

To allow your end-users to view the full site on mobile, you’ll need to set the value of the following cookie on the root domain only to 0 (zero) at your origin server:

__cf_mob_redir = 0;

In this example, replace with your root domain.

To renew the mobile redirect, delete the cookie, or set it to expire after whatever duration you choose.

Anybody? Anyone at all?

Hi, I can see you’re on a partial partner setup and that may be impacting the outcome. I noticed here, that:

The mobile redirect service is not available to domains signed up through hosting partners initially.

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Sorry I missed this. I never got the notification but received a response from support. You’re correct that redirects cannot be handled by Cloudfare when setup through a hosting partner. Thanks!

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