Mobile redirect not working for my site

I have my website pointing to Cloudflare and have activated the Mobile redirect option to take all mobile users to a mobile version on a different subdomain The issue is it doesn’t seem to work at all.

Hoping someone could help me out here. The site is created using Blogger.

It might be my imagination, but it’s inconsistent. I could have sworn there were a few times I tried it in Galaxy and iPhone 6 mode and it didn’t redirect. It’s more consistent now.

Any idea why it isn’t redirecting, please? The www path of the site is proxied via Cloudflare though as per the instructions on setting up the Mobile redirect

Redirected fine for me on iPhone XR. What device/method are you using to test?

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Working on Android. LG k4. I even cleared browser cache and cookies to see if it was the effect of old cached data still no redirect

Can you visit this URL and let us know what the Use Agent is? Browser, OS and Device may help as well. Screenshots would be fine.

Here is what i get

Can you add images of the Browser/OS/Device sections as well? Hopefully you can Edit/Tag your post with JanJam so staff can take a look at it tomorrow.

Here the browser info. The device is LG K4 running on Android 7.0

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Hi there,

I was able to replicate this on my Android device with Chrome version 88.0.

Can you log a ticket with Cloudflare support and we will look into it further for you. It’s [email protected].



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