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My website URL changes to and cannot pull up. Then I found out about the mobile redirect optimization option so I went ahead selecting the subdomain as, but the website still cannot come up. Do I need to create a subdomain as such in my hosting server account? What can I to make the website work on mobile devices?

That sounds like a cPanel hostname.

Mobile redirect is if you already have a mobile version of your site. Typically, you’ll have, and So the Mobile Redirect feature will send users to your special you’ve already created.

Your autodiscover issue seems unrelated to Mobile Redirect. Do you need help with getting your regular site to work?

The site appears to be working on desktops, but not on mobile devices.
So I need to create a mobile version of mywebsite?
Why are there options to choose autodiscover.mywebsite, autoconfigu.mywebsite, cpcalendars.mywebsite and cpcontact.mywebsite as options in the mobile redirect optimization window?

Because those are all hostnames you’ve configured in DNS. You’re only allowed to Mobile Redirect to a hostname you have in your DNS zone.

I just found out that responsive layout (mobile friendly version) of mywebsite was off. So I now have enabled the mobile friendly version. Mobile redirect at Cloudflare also has been set up to autodiscover.mywebsite. After all this, I got the message “auto discovery must be provided a valid email address” when I tried to access the website, with the same url
What could it be now?

If your site has a responsive layout feature, it will probably use the same hostname as the main site, so you don’t need the Mobile Redirect feature.

That worked! I just turned off the mobile redirect and the website came up. Thank you so much for your help.

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