Mobile redirect has stopped working


I’m having an issue whereby mobile redirect has stopped working for both Firefox and Google Chrome on mobile. I’m testing using a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

It was working however…

The only things i’ve changed are:

  1. Turned Joomla conservative caching on
  2. Changed the Gantry framework from development mode to production mode.

I just wondered if anybody had any ideas?

Thanks and Kind Regards,


It’s possible that your device is not properly recognized as Mobile. Have you tried a different device, or a desktop browser in mobile emulation mode (Responsive Design Mode)?

Hi thanks for your message.

Well it was working fine on both Firefox mobile and also Google Chrome for my mobile. Its an Android device too…

I’ve tried turning mobile optimisation off and waiting 5 minutes before turning it back on but no joy. Could turning Joomla conservative caching on have affected anything or changing Gantry framework (design) from development to production?

There is an option to specify where the cache is but I thought this is supposed to happen at DNS level anyway - I’m on a free account which I understand not to have limits on mobile redirects?

Thanks and Kind Regards,


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