Mobile Redirect for not contain .html or any extension

Hi All,

How to make this? >

This www url cannot contain .html or any extension.

The mobile redirect should achieve that. Have you tried that?

yes active


Censoring the domain does not exactly help.

What exactly does not work? And do post the URL.

ok desktop url Reklam - Emlakjet and mobile url cannot work how can resolve this Reklam - Emlakjet

Users will be redirected based on their User Agent so you won’t see your mobile page on your desktop. Search for a browser plugin to fake the UA.

i know redirected user agent method . I try on mobile Reklam - Emlakjet but get 404 error.

Works for me, if I visit the page on mobile I get redirected to m.

Reklam - Emlakjet working on desktop and try on mobile Reklam - Emlakjet redirected to m but page error 404
The page you were looking for was not found (Aradığınız sayfa bulunamadı).

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