Mobile redirect advice please

Hi, i am not very technical so would apprecitate some help. my website is not showing the mobile version of my site on mobile devices. so, i have been reading and it says that mobile redirect may solve the problem. but, i am not sure how to do this

when i go into mobile redirect i need to have the url that i want mobile devices to go to. but i am not sure how to enter the url

the url i need is can anyone please explaon how i can have this put in, in the pull down on mobile direct so i can activate this please

Mobile redirect is only to redirect an entire site to a different hostname, like

That needs to be a complete site optimized for mobile.

Your current site already looks to behave as if it’s a responsive theme, but the mobile layout doesn’t quite match the design you’ve created for the mobile version you linked to.

That is the problem I am having. I don’t understand why the mobile version of my site is not show most of the time. So I thought mobile direct would solve this. I am using the newspaper theme

Oh…I see some behavior changes. On my phone, I do see the nice mobile layout.

You have APO enabled. Did you also enable Cache by Device Type?

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