Mobile Menu Not Working After Clearing Cache

We think this is a caching problem. After making adjustments to our website’s main menu and clearing the cache it shows the changes on desktop but still not showing properly on mobile.

It is supposed to be a collapsable dropdown mobile menu.

Showing an open menu like this:

Supposed to be this:

We’ve spoken to Divi aka Elegant Themes who took remote access and verified the updates were correct and that it must be a server-side cache problem. So we contacted our site host who tested and confirmed it’s not a server-side problem. We read through Cloudflare support and cannot find an answer that makes sense, we’re waiting on a response from WP Rocket and hoping someone here or there can help us determine what the problem is. Thanks.

Cloudflare does not cache, but you seem to have some server-side cache.

$ curl -I | grep cache
x-kinsta-cache: HIT
cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

Maybe that’s where you are caching, but that would be something you’d need to fix server-side and Cloudflare would not be involved. In that case I am afraid that would be beyond the scope of the forum and you’d need to talk to your host or developer.

Plus, it does seem as if direct requests to your server sent the same response, so that would definitely rule out Cloudflare, but you can easily verify that by pausing Cloudflare (Overview page, bottom right).


Just to elaborate

I am afraid that really is some server-side issue and Cloudflare is not involved. Your host seemingly gave you an inaccurate response and you best contact them anew about the issue.

As mentioned, pause Cloudflare for now, so your host can verify they are sending it.

Thanks. I do understand your response to pause Cloudflare temporarily and have the host check again. (Unsure if that will cause issues with WP Rocket).

However, I am confused with the comment that Cloudflare doesn’t cache… maybe I’ve used the wrong terminology but here’s a few screenshots to show what I thought was Cloudflare caching…

By default Cloudflare does not cache HTML (which would be the issue in your case) but only static resources. In your particular case the document was not cached as evident by the caching header I posted.

But as the issue here is server-side, it’s not even that much of a matter what Cloudflare caches, as the issue itself is not releated to the Cloudflare cache in this case.

My guess would be it’s something about that server-side cache and you either need to disable it or adjust its cache settings, but here we are now going off-topic as far as Cloudflare is concerned I am afraid.

As you mentioned, pausing Cloudflare is the best course of action for now, as you could prove to your host in that way that the issue comes from their side (or the server-side cache) and once that’s clarified they can advise on what to do. Once everything is working you can unpause Cloudflare.

Okay Thanks for explaining. I will contact the host again and see but they’ve already tested it with the server cache disabled and verified it wasn’t a Kinsta issue. Appreciate the help.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not say it is necessarily an issue with the server cache. Could be something else. The take away rather is it’s not the Cloudflare cache as the menu is displayed in that way also when you take Cloudflare out of the equation. The server-side cache was merely a guess.

Just to follow up. Elegant Themes was able to determine the problem was with caused by Plugin WP Rocket and disabling it fixed the problem immediately.

Thanks again.

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