Mobile Menu Error

hello I started using cloudflare service today. But when I log in to my website from mobile, I get desktop menu. A mobile menu opens on some pages, and a desktop menu on some pages. How can I solve the problem I am waiting for your help thanks

my website

I see that the main page is a desktop menu, but the Blog page is a mobile menu.

It could be a CSS caching issue. From the Overview page in the Cloudflare dashboard, put your site into Development Mode and try again.

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thank you. I did as you said. Then I reset the cache from the panel of my website. And I turned off the developer settings again. I have solved this problem for now, I hope I will not live again.

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So it would seem to be a CSS caching issue, which will most likely happen again. If so, then you’ll have to keep in mind which CSS file is causing this and then create a Page Rule to bypass cache for that file.

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