Mobile (iOS) apps randomly can't connect to self-hosted application via cloudflare tunnel

I have some self-hosted applications that are accessible via cloudflare tunnels (each with their own sub-domains). The self-hosting solution I’m using is tipi (, which is just a docker container manager.

I’ve been experiencing a strange issue for weeks now since setting it all up though is that at a random time (typically in the early afternoon everyday), I’m unable to access any of my applications via mobile, iOS apps (such as Nextcloud). I’m able to connect to the applications via their domain in a web browser as normal, but it seems that it only affects connecting via apps. The connection can be down for hours before it randomly is able to connect again and I’m unable to find any sort of error logs with nextcloud or the specific applications. When attempting to connect through the apps, they don’t give any specific errors but seem to cite some sort of certificate issues. Rebooting my server doesn’t help the issue either.

Tipi’s documentation on how to expose applications via a cloudflare tunnel that I followed can be found here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It turns out this wasn’t being caused by any issues with the cloudflare tunnel or my server. At the times where I noticed these “outages”, I was using my workplace’s internet connection, which was the culprit.