Mobile Google Search Result Favicon Not Showing

Our site is under cloudflare and our favicon is not being Showing under Mobile Google Search Result, instead it shows the default “world” image. But here is fine:

Can someone help?

How is that Cloudflare related?

I am not a profi with this issue, Can you explanin what do you mean with your question?

The question is how that issue is related to Cloudflare? Why would you post here?

Well, we are using cloudflare for caching our web, and I thouht someone could help, or is any other better way to get some support to my question?

As the issue does not seem to be Cloudflare related it is probably better taken to StackExchange or your web developer in general.

ok, but in other web where we not using cloudflare, we have not this issue, so I thought have something to to with cloudflare,

You can easily check that by pausing Cloudflare (bottom right on the Overview page) and checking if the issue is still there.

What exactly is the issue. Post a screenshot.

Have you tried pausing?

I didnt make a pause, google need anyway sometime to crowl again the web, and in best case to show again the favicon. I read online that other user have also this issue, but no solution for it. Did you not heard about it before?

Well, so far there is no indication this is Cloudflare related. I suggest you do some online research why Google might not show your icon and implement the recommended steps in your site configuration.

We already tried many configurations, the recommended steps from google, some hours af research, and this post was my “last option” to find it out.
I appreciate your time, thx.

Do you have any entries in your Cloudflare firewall event log regarding the favicon?

Ehm, there is no favicon reference here.

No, I think there are not entries regarding die favicon (sorry i am not an spezialist about this questions)

I am afraid that really is a better question for StackExchange and alike then. Cloudflare does not appear to be involved.

ok, I will do.
last question: Are Cloudflare Managed Special rules blocking Googlebot?

You mean the WAF? No, they should never block Google and if they did it should show up in the event log anyhow.