Mobile friendly test issue


I’m trying to test the mobile usability using Google’s online tester : for my website ( )
Whenever I use HTTPS version I get message page is not mobile friendly while it always shows as page is mobile friendly when I use with HTTP only

Kindly suggest A solution.

THanks for your time

The screenshot from that test definitely doesn’t look mobile friendly. I think there’s something wrong with the test. I suggest you use Lighthouse in Chrome’s Dev Tools (F12), or

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Interesting thing is you find everything ok when you use HTTP only
It seems some of the resources are missing proper redirection from cloud-fare side

You could be using Flexible SSL mode that might cause the issue. Try switch to Full (strict).


I have tried flexible, full, and strict all modes of ssl
But still finding same problem
When I use full it says url is not available to google

This looks like a CSS & JS error. Which you can debug on the site you have just given:


And some additional JS errors (mainly because it could not load the ressources)

I dont know why this is happening, eg. why Google cant load these ressources, maybe you are having some firewall rules activated or something else, which prevents their crawler to (from Search Console) to crawl them?


there could be serveral reasons for this.

  1. Search Console crawler is known to be very sensible to some additional info. Please remove all the red marked sections, since they are unnecessary:
  2. Google stopped after about 15 ressources and suddenly just throw errors on every other additional request.
    Everything over 15 requests anyway cant be “mobile friendly” mobile processors/connections dont like a lot of little files. Independed of if we use HTTP/2 oder HTTP/3. Please combine ALL CSS file into one and ALL JS files into one. Then try again. Google does have a crawler budget per crawl, seems like you are reaching the limit. How exactly this is defined noone knows.

Also google can change its requirements anytime it wants. I am ATM not aware of any big changes the last days, so this issue must exist longer?
What happens if you paus Cloudflare?

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Thank you for your answer
But it’s something I already know
All I need is some insight on how to troubleshoot this
Thanks and regards

What makes you think that Cloudflare is the right place for a Google issue?
If there is any evidence, that this is related to Cloudflare please bring it up. I dont see any issue with Cloudflare here.

If not: please reach out to Google, since you have a problem with their tool.


Hi M4rt1n
hope you are doing good
I am assuming you have read the full thread
Still i want to remind you that I am getting this issue only when i load the site with HTTPS protocol
There is absolutely no issue when i load the site with HTTP
These is making me link it to cloud-fare
Though I may be wrong
Kindly share your opinion now

Like I said: these are no indicators for a Cloudflare related problem. More like a problem of your webserver.

HTTPS or HTTP are no Cloudflare exclusive protocols. If your website (without Cloudflare) does not work on HTTPS then this could be the problem. But I dont see any general problem at Cloudflare here. This also seems just to occur on your site. Never heard from this problem on Cloudflare. But the error that gets shown is a known Search Console problem: Google Mobile Friendly test shows "other error" for resource loads - Webmasters Stack Exchange

This for me is a clear indicator, that this is not related to Cloudflare.

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