Mobile "double click" to play issue

First off, I have been decently impressed with the Stream service.

One issue I am facing on mobile is what I am calling the “double play button click” issue,

Essentially, on desktop the mouseover event triggers the full controls to render and by clicking the “big play button” it will immediately play the video.

On mobile it works like this…

  • “click/touch” big play button
  • Full controls render, and you have to “click/touch” play again.

If you wait to long after the initial “click/touch” the full controls hide themselves and you then have to repeat the process.

While this UX is by design and needed WHILE THE VIDEO IS PLAYING, it does not make any sense having this UX before a video has been initially played (the big play button is only visible until the video is initially played).

How can we have the big play button immediately start to play the video on mobile? This is desperately needed ASAP.

I have tried every permutation of JavaScript to force this UX but due to browser restrictions I will never have universal coverage.



This should be fixed! Thank you for reporting!

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