Mobile Devices Not showing My Site

I have a site that I’m using Cloudflare for my DNS. I have setup the A record and CNAME for WWW.

I have turned on the options for SSL between Cloudflare and the site and to force the free SSL Certificate that is provided by Cloudflare.

The site displays fine on desktop computers however shows a blank screen on mobile devices. It also shows a blank screen when using a mobile hotspot as your network.

I do not have mobile redirect turned on.

The site is

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Turning off orange cloud then yields a this site is not secure from mobile devices.

Thanks for your help!

I can confirm that an actual Mobile device doesn’t show the site, but mobile emulation on a desktop browser shows the site.

It’s weird that there are no IPv6 addresses assigned to your domain. Did you change something?

In the Network settings, do you have IPv6 Compatibility set to On or Off?
What about the Pseudo IPv4 setting?
Which SSL setting did you use? Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict)?

Thanks for you reply,

Sorry for taking so long to get back I have been on vacation.

I only had the A record and CNAME www setup in DNS Settings. I added the IPv6. I have Full (Strict) Set for the SSL. I did try Full but no change. I went ahead and added the IPv6 AAA record and turned on ipv6. I also enable pseudo IPv6. Still no luck.

I moved the site to another host and am not using Cloudflare on that server and everything shows fine on mobile so it has to be the Cloudflare settings causing the issue.

Any other ideas?

Again thanks so much for your help…


Glen, out of curiosity are your visitors going to the same URL for desktop and mobile?

Are they going to a different address on mobile like []

For example on my website, you get the same address for desktop and mobile visitors

All users are going to the same URL. We are using a responsive design.

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Hi @glen1,

FYI, there is one URL that is not being loaded as the DNS is not resolved. Its subdomain is wth. But I doubt this is what is causing the mobile page not to load.

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