Mobile devices cannot connect to my website

Hello, I have a problem people usually on phone can not connect to my website it says for example “Safari can not open the page because the server is not found”.

What is the website?

Qu'est-ce que le site Internet ?

gloryscans and .fr

Your site isn’t using Cloudflare, so the problem lies elsewhere.

If you have changed the nameservers away from Cloudflare, then try putting them back so people can check.

I’ve just restored it, you can check.

Need to wait a while for the nameserver change to take effect…

it’s good now

can you check my website pls ?

Your site is loading ok for me on mobile and desktop.

Your original comment…

…indicates a DNS issue. There doesn’t seem to be one with a load of public resolvers, maybe an ISP’s DNS had a slow update or something.

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