Mobile Critically Slow - Desktop and Tablet Fine

I have updated my website using WordPress recently and the site has stopped loading on Mobile but is fine on Desktop and Tablet.

Loading times can be critically slow on mobile - sometimes not establishing a connection with the server at all.

I am with SmartHosting on a Ruby server.

I have created some page rules to cache everything on the homepage etc which has sped things up a little but the mobile loading is so temperamental.

Thanks in advance.

That site is so heavy, there’s nothing Cloudflare can do to speed it up. It’s more than 200 requests at over 5MB of data transfer. You’ve set Cache Everything, so Cloudflare is delivering everything quickly, but it still takes 20 seconds to load on my 500Mbps connection.

PageSpeed insights gives it a 1 for Mobile and a 15 for Desktop. Start working your way through their recommendations to speed up your site.


As a starting point, you may want to open your website with Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) open, and within the Network tab, sort files by size. This way you immediately see some culprits. See those PNG images with almost 1 MB each?? You can easily optimize them.

Though Cloudflare can help with optimizing images if you are on Pro Plan or higher, it’s a good practice to start with images optimized at the origin. Cloudflare will only perform its tricks on cached images, and each first visit to your site after a cache purge will request them from the origin.


Thank you so much for the reply - I really do appreciate it. I take all advice on board and will get to work on the reccomendations.

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Once again I must echo my previous comment that I really do appreciate this. The screen shot is extremely helpful and I will work my way through it.

Strange thing is I do have a image optimisation plugin (ShortPixl I believe) - I will check my settings. Before uploading media to my site is there a highly reccomended image optimisation site / tool that you both recommend or should I explore my ShortPixl plugin a little more to better improve optimsation?

I may have to pay for some of the reccomendations on pageinsights and other speed testing sites as I am afraid it may be a little too above my skill set - I love the challenge though so will tackle it as best I can.

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Well, I have learned something new - the networking Dev Tool is amazing. I tweaked my plugin Shortpixl to better optimise and convert to WebP versions of images. I am optimising my images from origin as you say now by making sure I look at the size of them when I capture the image on my computer before upload.

I am prioritising the two lighthouse audits and serving scaled images and Eliminate render-blocking resources seems to be the focus areas. I will explore both of them and see where to go from there.


Be careful with the WebP setting. Some browsers can’t display WebP. Depending on how the plugin sets the image format, it might not work on some browsers. Just test thoroughly after enabling WebP. I believe Safari (and possibly other) browsers won’t render WebP.


Thanks for that - I did notice that so took it off

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