Mobile Content Old versus Desktop New

Still experiencing old cache version showing on mobile while desktop is fine.
I google pixel4a and whether I use Brave or Firefox I see older version of page.
If I go to CF and purge everything, then it shows updated content.
I have caching set to respect headers. I also use wp-rocket for site caching.

The problem appears to be old cache in Cloudflare

Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default. Are you using APO or a Cache Everything page rule?

APO was turned on. I do not use the Cloudflare plugin on my wordpress site. WP-Rocket does provide CF enhanced.

I’ve turned it off. I did have a rule for 30 minute ttl on homepage and I turned it off…
I did have a Cache Everything page rule but I had turned it off already. I will delete it.

I will try again and post new content and see if it shows up on mobile.

Shazam…it does…


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Thanks for the pointer

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Did you happen to have APO’s “separate cache for Mobile” option enabled? It may be called “cache by device type” or something like that.

I did not. Just the main one

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