Mobil Clients Under Attack Mode



Hi All,
In Under Attack Mode, mobile clients on mobile app doesn’t work. (Because on mobile app “Checking your Browser before accessing” message can not be displayed)

Is there any way to by-pass java challenge for mobile clients on mobile app?
Thank you!


Yes, Correct.


If traffic from your mobile clients have a common parameter you can filter them on, then you may want to try and set up your own firewall rules.

The Under Attack Mode basically just serves up an interstitial page to all visitors. With Firewall Rules, you can define your own parameters on when to serve the challenge.

Example of such a common parameter could be a (partial) user agent string. For example, I know that many social media apps include their brand name in the user agent when a page is opened through their app.


Thanx for your reply.
I think same solution but in fw rules only allow, deny etc. No option for resolve this problem, for example; redirection…


Any idea?

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