Mnanaged Challenge: Bot Protection


My use case:
I want to use Managed challenge for Super Bot Fight Mode. I am in a pro plan.

I understand if I enable this, it will send a challenge to my front end component.
My front end is in : web, android & ios.
Do I need to make any front end change so that this works correctly?



Depending how do you configure it, you can challenge everyone the automated bots, or block them, or block even the verified ones from the Cloudflare Verified Bots page:

You can also tune-up this and pass your own bot, block others, or some other kind of combinations, if needed.

No need to except in case you’d experience some issues or errors and your web app might not work as expected, you could troubleshoot and check for any firewall events by navigating to the Cloudflare dashboard → Secuity → Overview.

Therfore, you might need to whitelist your origin host/server IP or tune-up a bit some security settings.

The above article about “Super Bot Fight Mode - What to know” mentioned by the @AppleSlayer could provide additional and helpful information in that particular case.


Guys, does it work for ios & android as well ?
Thank you for the quick revert!!

Yes it does in terms of security & protection as long as you’re using a connection between your API or front-end? (WebView I guess?) and your mobile application.

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