MJPEG Issues when using DNS Proxy

I am hosting a project from my home network (this is a must)

And am using an IP-Camera that I want to be accessable over the internet, I am using DNS proxy to mask my home IP. But when using this the IP-Camera MJPEG stream slowly deteriorates and ends up having a 10+ second delay.

This stream needs to be real-time and have as little latency as possible.

When connecting using localhost instead of through my domain there are no issues whatsoever.

Are there any solutions that could resolve this and still keep me protected?

What’s the upload speed and bitrate from your home network?

May I ask if you are “uploading” it via proxied :orange: hostname or rather via IP?

However, when you want to watch it, I assume you’re going over a proxied :orange: hostname, correct?

Have you tried using Cloudflare Stream yet? :thinking:

Upload speed is 9Mbps. Not sure if I am uploading it via a proxy, my assumption was that because the request comes through the proxy the response will also be put through the proxy.

I haven’t looked at Cloudfare Stream yet as I couldn’t find any docs that suggested it supported MJPEG. And I also saw people saying the best latency they got was 2seconds, which is too long for this :confused: .

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