Mixpanel Geolocation

Hey All

We are leveraging mixpanel analytics platform to manage users on our system. We are always seeing their location from Ashburn which I know is Cloudflare AWS locations. We implemented this fix as a test:

However, we are still seeing new users signing up from Ashburn.

I know we are proxied by Cloudflare — Can anyone help me understand what the issue is any resolutions we can attempt?


I am not really familiar with that service but my first question would be: are you rewriting/restoring client IP addresses? If you are proxying requests the IP addresses will always be Cloudflare’s and you’d need to manually configure that rewrite in your server.

Why for events am I seeing New Jersey geolocation but during my signup / people profile I see Ashburn only…? :slight_smile:

I am not quite sure about your question. Where do you take these IPs from in the first place?

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