Mixed SSL Mode?


I’ve been using cloudflare for a couple of weeks and I have a couple of applications that properly support SSL certificates and a couple that do not.
For those that do support SSL certs, I’ve added the Cloudflare SSL certs and enabled full (strict) SSL encryption for my site.
What I now want is flexible SSL for one subdomain that points to the applications that do not properly support SSL without diminishing the security of the other apps.

Any advice appreciated.



I think your only option would be to :grey: those applications and leave the setting as Full (strict). There is no granularity to the setting. As I write that I’m wondering if you could accomplish your goal with page rules. May be worth a :search: here as similar issues seem to come up frequently.

I’ve created a page rule to change the subdomain to flexible but I just get an SSL error now.
Any suggestions welcome!

Hi @joncy92, can you share the domain?

i have a subdomain set to flexible SSL mode via page rules. My router forwards one of the cloudflare SSL ports to a standard http ports on my LAN but it still doesn’t work.

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I’m getting a 1020 access denied error on that site.

I have disabled IPs outside UK from accessing my site and I’ve also deliberately avoided using ports 443 and 8080.

All I want to happen is that I can use sub.joncy92.xyz with flexible SSL so that apps on my LAN that don’t support SSL can be reached.


I have opted to use nginx with reverse proxy instead. nginx is running https with the cloudflare certs

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