Mixed Content

What is mixed content?
Mixed content is when your site is loading over HTTPS, however some images / scripts / resources are being loaded insecurely over HTTP.

Your browser may give a notification about it when visiting the site, such as:

If you see this error, you should enable:
in the SSL/TLS app Screenshot%20from%202019-08-27%2013-47-34 of your Cloudflare dashboard which can help with some issues.

If you still have some mixed content on your site, you will need to edit the resources to load over HTTPS. If you can edit the source code, you can simply change http:// to https://. If you use a CMS such as WordPress, have a look at their support articles for more info on fixing this error. There are many plugins etc. available that can do this.

There is also a community tip on this topic:

Tutorial Reference: CT-35

Reviewed: 08/21

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