Mixed content on wordpress site

I am locked out of this website and my hosting provider says that the problem is on Cloudflare can someone please help.

The problem here though is not mixed content, but that your account was suspended.

Suspended by who ?

By your host or did you create the suspendedpage file?

Hang on a sec, thats not your website, is it? Can you post a screenshot of the error you get?

yes it is my site or my wifes site but I am an administrator but just changed the name server back to 1&1 fr.

and now back to cloud flare and it will take 48 hrs for 1&1 to register the changes.

I have no idea why the site has been suspended been in touch with 1&1 they told me that I needed to get in touch with you

So I will get back onto them when the name server changes take affect.

Not with me personally I hope :wink:

They should explain how Cloudflare is involved here.That is clearly an error coming from them.

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