Mixed content on cached page

Hello Cloudflare Community,
I have the following issue. It happens quite often that my links and my content are mixed up. Here is the example: Chalet Cabine-A | Charlevoix | 14 personnes - MonsieurChalets. This link is supposed to show the html of the Cabine-A cottage but unfortunately when caching, it rendered within the page the following content: https://www.monsieurchalets.com/chaletalouer-charlevoix/la-cabane.

It gives bad informations about the cottages and give a bad experience to users who are not able to see the proper cottage infos. I am able to fix up the situation by custom purge but would like to know what settings can cause that.

Thanks for your help!

I am not sure what the issue here is, but loading 462 reqeusts from which approx. 416 are images only, takes a while, at least on my end :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For the above links, I see different pictures and content. I assume this is the expected behaviour.

Nevertheless, I see HTTP headers:

cf-cache-status: HIT
cache-control: max-age=14400

Are you using the Cache Level: Cache Everything option for your web application within some Page Rule?
If yes, it’s expected to “act like that” as far as it would cache the entire webpage as HTML.

Nevertheless, if your web application is returning results based on a user input or is some kind of a “JavaScript depended” app, I would temporary disable this feature, Purge Everything, wait for few minutes and re-check for any differences.

Or have you updated some info, but the visitors are seeing old one? If yes, you could try lowering the value set for the Browser Cache TTL option in the Cloudflare dashboard (or via a Page Rule).

  • otherwise, yes, you might want to manually purge each one of them upon updates …

You could even use Transform Rules to setup custom HTTP headers - in case if needed.

@AppleSlayer Https and Http could end up rendering my content in a way where url and the html created would not be the same?

Yes @Fritex, this is the expected behaviors because I purged this precise URL and the rebuilt cached page was okay. It’s just that sometimes it seems like content is mixed! Is it an http/https problem?

Those are my caching rules:

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