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Hi There, I am new to Cloudflare and has been studying lots of your posts the last days, which I have found interesting. I have been trying to solve the problem of mixed content on my new website for days. I will really appreciate some help. I have tried quite a few of the ideas that I have read about in your posts on here already with no success unfortunately.

My website is www.funeralsingers.net
It is made on a websitebuilder www.justfolio.com so I am not able to go in and change HTML coding with an added S in the images which keep showing HTTP, even after I removed them and re-downloading them in a HTTPS format.
So what I did:

2 warnings, keep coming up.
I checked in google console, and I believe the images are the 2 images that are my background and the big image on top, which are basically my wall paper images.
Initially those 2 images were downloaded from pixabay as free images via justfolio.

After reading advice and posts in this forum. I removed them, found them manually on Pixabay in HTTPS and downloaded them and put them back up again. I purged the caches via cloudflare and waited 24 hours to check my website : No change.
Then I removed both pictures and instead used two of my own bought pictures, purged caches and waited for 24 hours, no change.
Then I tried adding some of cloud flares apps. JS Guardian, Hardenize and Fortify and Seo.
But suddenly my website couldn’t even load in my friends laptop.
So I removed, all those apps, apart from the SEO one, I kept my own photo as the main wall paper, but changed the background to the initial Pixabay free image downloaded from HTTPS.

I tried to put on Strict mode end to end encryption, but I think as I have no certificate on my server, my website just stopped working. So I quite quickly undid that and put it back to the default flexible connection. Can one even put a certificate on a server using a website builder like justfolio? I did download the content mixed ssl plugin app, but couldn’t open the file on my laptop.

I am out of ideas now and it has been soooo enfuriating

Hi @melisma22,

That does sound tricky! I suspect that if you manage to get an SSL cert on the server, you will be able to use Full (strict) and I think it may fix the mixed content issues. I don’t know anything about that platform, but you may be able to get them to add SSL, or ask them to install a cert that you have such as a Cloudflare Origin Certificate.

Yes, I did wonder about that too. However after lots of tries, I can’t seem to find any way whatsoever at contacting the people behind justfolio . There is no support of any kind, it seems. Thanks though

Looking at their website, I don’t know whether you will get any help with it. There is a contact email listed, but don’t know if they provide support.



Gosh, you found an email, I will try that, thanks.
I just scoured through my editor in every way, and there was nothing there, which I found strange.

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