Mixed Content Error

I have been having the same issues. I connected my website 4 days ago with https://community.cloudflare.com/loudflare. I received a message via email from Cloudflare telling me that I have mixed content issues on my website. I have been trying to fix the issue for the last three days without any success. I downloaded the content mixed ssl plugin to work the HTTPS issues without any effect. Now I cannot access my website at all because every time I try either chrome browser or foxilla browser tells me that the website is not secure. I do not know to solve the issue. Any help would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

What’s the domain?

Quite often, if you just set some of the Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings to HTTPS, it fixes this. Make sure you have Always Use HTTPS enabled, as well as Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

The domain is multibreeds.com and I have done what you suggested sdayman. I have no idea what to do? Unfortunately I am not very techie savy. Would it be possible to help me? That would be suuper helpful. I do not want to disconnect my website from Cloudflare because of all the great features it comes with! Thank you!

Right now, it’s not using Cloudflare. Those options won’t help you until you get the Cloudflare part working.

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