Mix of Cloudflare tunnel and normal DNS / Connection Time Out error 522

This is complicate for me to explain …
I am running an Unraid server, with VMs and Dockers. The webserver is running on a VM.
The web server is running behind traefik+cloudflare proxy . All was working (vms + dockers) before I add the Cloudflare Tunnel for dockers running.
All dockers using the Tunnel are working, I am able to have access to any of my docker apps through the secure tunnel (PIN number etc.).
But the web server doesn’t work anymore, I have a Connection Time Out error 522.
It might be a conflict problem between the tunnel and the old dns config (still running) in Cloudflare.
The webserver is accessible from his local IP.

For my webserver

A  mydomain.org   "public IP number"  Proxied
CNAME    www    mydomain.org   Proxied

For the tunnel

CNAME  code-server d0xxxxxxxxxxxx Proxied

Thx for your support

Hi there,

From your container running cloudflared can you reach your main unraid web gui?

Please check your tunnel under ZT > Networks > Tunnels > edit it and press Public Hostname.
There you’ll see your current hostnames. Make sure the public hostname for your unraid is assigned to the correct service. It should have the address from which cloudflared connects to it. Here’s an example:

As a side note, don’t forget to assign it an access policy in Access > Applications if you don’t want to have it openly exposed.

Take care.

Hi, thx for your help,

Could you explain how to reach the unraid GUI from the docker ?
The docker cloudflared is working correctly, the Tuinnel is Healthy.
In the public hostname, I have one hostname for each dockers apps including the hostname for my Unraid server.
Thx for the note, already done :slight_smile:

Hi there,

If you’re on the same local network, and the cloudflared tunnel docker is set to bridge, the address should be the same you use locally to access unraid.
So if you access Unraid locally on … let’s say…, then that’s the address you have to point your public hostname to (replacing the on my previous screenshot).

Take care.

My cloudflared docker is set to Bridge mode.
The public hostname of my Unraid server is correctly configured, I am able to connect to it through the Tunnel with PIN request …
But still cannot connect to my web site.

Hi there,

From this point on this might be an issue better suited for unraid forums.

If cloudflared is working, and you can access everything else except the unraid ui itself, maybe there is some setting you’re missing. Although I have unraid experience, and use it myself, I’m sure you’ll find better support on their forums than here.

From me, my only last advises are

  • double check that you can in fact access the webui from the docker running cloudflared
    and if so
  • check unraid access logs when trying to access from your tunnel.

Take care.